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Award-winning custom meal plans for individuals.

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Customized meal plans are precisely calculated and designed by Richard or April Stone. They are manually tailored to your individual person while taking various factors into consideration such as goals, age, stats, medical conditions, athletic level, dietary restrictions, allergies, and others.

They are designed to be OPTIMAL for your person, whether your goal is to prepare for professional competition or simply cut weight and live healthy.

Richard and April Stone have decades of experience helping many professional bodybuilders, fighters, sports competitors and fitness enthusiasts meet aggressive goals with high success. For instance, they have helped individuals such as former UFC heavyweight Ricco Rodriguez, former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman, UFC star Tim Kennedy, professional bodybuilder Lee Priest, and many others prepare for the highest levels of competition on the planet.

The subscription plan includes access to multiple-week meal plans custom designed just for you to achieve even the most specific needs. This includes followups with Rich himself to address your progress, answer questions, and tweak your diet as needed to be sustainable and give you the best possible results.

Supplements and the gym will only get you so far, join us to plan your success with someone who is widely regarded as one of the best in the industry.


1 review for Meal Plan

  1. Joe

    Rich has designed two nutrition plans for me in the past. In both cases they had a massively positive impact physiologically and psychologically.

    With the most recent I dropped 40 lbs and my strength has increased drastically. It also provided a positive path to recovery from a long history of alcohol and substance abuse, including clean labs whereas before I had suspected liver damage.

    I was also able to followup with him to tweak my diet when I got tired of certain foods, and it made it much more sustainable. Adherence is key!

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