TKO was born in March of 2005 as a family business created by folks with a passion for fitness. April and Rich Sicola-Stone and Bryanna have ran the stores with a loyal crew since day one. Specializing in doing what ‘they’ (the corporate world and websites), they bring attention to detail. Providing products that are hard to get in a timely manner.

In addition to their steadfast dedication to doing what ‘they’ can’t….or won’t for that matter; they’ve dug their heels in to Austin and the surrounding community. They have been leaders of the annual American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and not only contribute time but monetarily as well. A portion of each profit from their top selling products goes to promote suicide awareness. Each member of the team has mentored at local school districts. TKO NUTRITION provides discounts and care packages along with a hand-written note to all our military and law enforcement service men and women. TKO NUTRITION has its foot FIRMLY planted in efforts that raise community partners and for the second year in a row, TKO NUTRITION has been the only nutrition store recognized by Mayor Steve Adler as a healthy workplace. We believe in the intrinsic value of what we do so listing our accolades cheapens what it is we are trying to do…build a community by example. TKO NUTRITION was also voted Best Smoothie in Austin and Runner-up for Best Personal Trainer/Nutritionist. These are just a few of the ways TKO NUTRITION has stayed relevant while corporate competition comes and goes. We stay alive because this is our passion, not our job.


RICH SICOLA-STONE is a lifelong member of the Criminal Justice Association. He holds Bachelor’s Degree in CJ and a Masters Degree (with highest honors) from Sam Houston State University. He minored in Military Science at SHSU and did his camp at Ft. Knox Kentucky. He is a lifelong practitioner, competitor and student of all martial arts. He is an accomplished competitive bodybuilder of nearly ten years with second place being his all-time low. He’s starred in a web series and even did stunt work for a movie. He’s been guest-host for KLRU and KVUE stations and has written several published articles on fitness, including his work with MD. His network working within the fighting and bodybuilding community only transitioned into success for his clients for if for some reason he doesn’t know the answer, it’s a call away. He’s trained a UFC HW Champ (Ricco Rodriguez who he brought from 325 lbs back doesn’t to 205 lbs), and IFBB legend (Lee Priest) and every type of average Joe one could envision. He’s specialized in male and family coaching but the thousands of testimonials would leave us little room for any of this cool stuff. Rich can be contacted at: RSTONE@TKONUTRITION.COM or thru ANY one of our social media accounts (FB: TKO NUTRITION; Tweets: @tkonutrition; IG: @tkonutrition).

APRIL SICOLA-STONE is the lifelong partner of Rich as they met and started dating in high school. They have one daughter BRYANNA CANINO. April received her Bachelor’s from Sam

Houston State University and her Master’s degree from Texas Woman’s University. While her ‘day job‘ as a librarian keeps her fully stretched, she ALWAYS makes time for her clients and has even been Nationally Qualified in the female figure category for winning the Overall Championship at the Central Texas Cup. She has published several articles on fitness and has a client resume in the thousands. She’s been the awards presenter at several bodybuilding and fitness events. She specializes in female and family coaching. April can be contacted at: APRIL@TKONUTRITION.COM. thru ANY one of our social media accounts (FB: TKO NUTRITION; Tweets: @tkonutrition; IG: @tkonutrition).


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