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  • Hypercuts Chrome is the ultimate energy and fat loss supplement from CTD Labs. Many weight loss supplements are jammed full of stimulants that can leave you feeling jittery and having trouble sleeping at night. Hypercuts Chrome contains an impressive ingredient profile that reduces your appetite, and provides sustained energy without the crash or jitters. You will also quickly notice an improvement in your mood, focus, and mental clarity.


  • Don’t leave the gym disappointed again!  Take Volatile 30 minutes before training and you will walk out of the gym with your Muscles PUMPED and knowing you gave your workout all you had!

  • Restore is formulated with 12 specific ingredients to promote a healthy functioning liver!

  • Restless nights effecting your days?  REM-8.0 will help you sleep like a baby!  Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day!

  • Glutamine helps promote muscle growth, reduce muscle breakdown and enhance recovery so you can get the most out of future workouts!

  • ZMA promotes healthy sleep while supporting muscle repair and hormone repair.

  • Branched Cain Amino Acids – or BCAAs – are an essential supplement designed for Athletes who refuse to break down!

  • A non stimulant fat burner that won’t affect your receptors

  • Level II in powder form is an excellent pre-workout that gives you the appetite suppression to manage your diet. The energy you get from Level II will keep you going all day long!

  • Level II is formulated with the perfect combination to help cut fat and keep lean muscle!  This 2 capsule serving will help manage your cravings so you see real results!

  • Scientifically formulated for:

    • Appetite Management and Suppression
    • All Day Energy
    • Laser Focus
    • Mood Enhancement


Formed in Round Rock, Texas in 2005, TKO Nutrition is a mom-and-pop business standing strong in the midst of corporations.  How?  Honesty.  Loyalty.  Quality.  Results.

TKO Nutrition has expanded from a simple smoothie cafe and nutrition store into a supplement line, individually tailored nutrition plans, personal training services, shop expansions and a globally brand recognition.

We want to welcome you into the TKO Family.  Please Contact Us with any questions or needs.


Whether you need help building muscle, loosing weight, or getting cut, we have the products for you.  Check out our natural Testosterone Booster, F-Bomb, or our popular Fat Burner, Lean Effects.  We have a variety of products to suit your fitness goals.

Need to get your diet on track?  We have custom diet plans for you.  Whether you need a competition diet plan for an upcoming show, or just a weight loss plan for a healthier lifestyle, we have you covered.

Custom workout plans available too!